Agile is a high-level, compiled graphics programming language. Agile's versatility enables customization of C-Solution's Geometric Modeling Software (GMS) for specific needs. Agile can serve an interface between GMS and user-written applications. When combined with the GMS system, Agile can significantly reduce the time required for the design and manufacturing cycle.

It's free format, simplified concepts, and comprehensive diagnostics make it an ideal tool for non-programmers. It's structured programming, full algorithmic capability, scientific function library, and interface to C and FORTRAN provide the power desired by experienced programmers.

Product Capabilities

  • Interacts directly with the graphic nucleus of GMS through a set of geometric construction and manipulation functions
  • Forms the basis for a system query language
  • Allows interfacing to routines written in other languages, to the operating system, and to external services
  • Enables the user to alter menus, create special functions and add tutorials to the existing GMSWorks system
  • Carries out functions which are transparent to the GMS user
  • Empowers the user to create new customized application packages


  • Allows customization of the C-Solutions line of software products to meet unique needs
  • Simplifies modification of existing constructions, permitting repeated execution of a program with varying input
  • Promotes process automation and parametric capabilities
  • Utilizes easy-to-learn commands

Components and Features

  • Clean, consistent syntax
  • Straightforward process permits new programs to incorporate segments of existing programs
  • Input to graphics functions may be fixed values, calculated values, created entities, or user input during program execution
  • Compilation eliminates constraints on the size and complexity of programs
  • Complete set of structured programming statements
  • Simplified error checking with easily understood error messages
  • Parameters may be supplied in an argument list from another program or interactively from the terminal
  • Functions and graphics keywords may be renamed
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