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MSURF - Multiple Surface Machining

Z-RUFF (Rough Milling) High Speed Machining

Z-SLICE (Z-level Machining)

SIMUTOOL - Toolpath Simulation/Verification





GMSWorks 4.4 is the latest release of the CAD/CAM software that has been helping engineers design and manufacture complex parts since 1982. This computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software package includes a full integration of the new DESIGNBASE advanced modeling kernel, featuring superior free form surface and solid geometry modeling and unmatched design editing capabilities.

Major enhancements to complex surface and solid modeling allow for the design, modification, and manufacturing of today's most complicated parts. GMSWorks features an extensive, best of all worlds, combination of design editing capabilities. Design modifications can be accomplished in a variety of ways including direct geometry manipulation, advanced history management, or simply changing a parametric dimension. The updated graphical interface provides stunning 3-D visualizations of designs, taking full advantage of OpenGL to deliver higher quality images, faster rendering and a dynamic work environment.

An additional feature will allow a surface model (imported via IGES for example) to be brought into the system and, through a process called body healing and stitching, will pull the surfaces back together to create a solid model. Many other complex modeling functions are available as well. Of particular interest to complex part mold and tool makers are thin wall shelling, surface shell thickening, robust helical thread modeling, multiple trajectory surface skinning and self intersection repair.


What's New in GMSWorks V4. 4


What's New in GMSWorks V4. 3

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