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An Integrated Product with C-Solution's GMSWorks Software NC is C-Solution's totally integrated solution for manufacturing. Working with a design created in GMSWorks (C-Solution's Geometric Modeling Software), the user can interactively develop a program for the NC machine tool. The user has the power to edit and manipulate the part program to optimize the results.

A toolpath simulation and verification program allows to check a program before running it on a specific machine, both pre- and postprocessed part programs can be used as input.

NC software supports cavity and multi-surface machining, as well as 2- to 5-axis machining, 4-axis wire EDM, lathe threading, grooving, and drilling. Mill machining includes point-to-point, automatic pocket and profiling, and parametric surface machining with such features as lace or non-lace motion, containment, optional gouge checking, and multiple tool axis control. Lathe features offer rough and finish turning on outside, inside, or face shapes, and user-specified blanks, steps, and part shapes.

Additional NC tools include user-defined tool libraries, an interactive tool path editor, and powerful NC macros. NC tool libraries allow the user to define tool parameters, access an interactive feed/speed calculator, and create multiple libraries for FMC/FMS environments. The editor features a "play back" capability for displaying tool motion. The NC macros can be edited with AGILE (the GMSWorks programming language) or with the text editor.

C-Solution's NC package provides the tools necessary to produce all associated support documentation for the manufacturing operation.

NC offers modalized operation, allowing the user to modify default parameters. The interface is consistent with the GMSWorks easy-to-use menus and icon display.

C-Solutions has developed a family of NC solutions which are powerful, flexible and easy-to-use. GMSWorks NC was designed to operate in a multi-CAD environment where surface data is not always precise. This significantly lessens the amount of time a user has to spend reconstructing geometry. The user interface is intuitive and does not require significant training time. GMSWorks NC supports 2 1/2- to 5-axis machining including turning and wire EDM applications. All programs are designed for automatic gouge checking and collision free machining.

Several common postprocessors are integrated and included, additional can be added on request.

MSURF – Multiple Surface Machining

In today's environment NC programmers can spend more time cleaning up existing IGES files than actually creating tool paths. The multiple surface machining package from C-Solutions can create tool paths from imperfect surface data. Gaps and overlaps can be successfully machined without having to remodel the part. Whenever two surfaces overlap (with different z-values) the tool path will be created on the upper surface. Large gaps greater than the tool diameter will cause the tool to retract to the specified z-plane before machining the next surface. Cut areas can be defined in order to machine only specific area. In addition both lower and upper z-limits as well as lower and upper angles can be set further control the machining. Machining modals can be set dynamically or via an external file.

RUFF – Rough Milling

Rough milling supports both core and cavity machining. The program is prepared to output machine code for high speed machining with corners rounded wherever possible.

Slice– Z-Level Machining

Slice is a z-level machining program which machines complex parts consisting of multiple surfaces. A slice application is parts which require ribs developed on steep surfaces which must be cut from top to bottom. Slice can operate in either lace or non-lace modes.

Simutool – Toolpath Simulation / and Verification

Simutool provides accurate simulation and verification of 2, 2 1/2 and 3 axis machining. The material to machine is specified using dimensions, a GMSWorks facet file, or the results of a previous simulation. The program can be used as standalone to simulate any pre- or postprocessed cutter location file, but is nicely integrated within the advanced applications described earlier.


The wire EDM package can create either 2- or 4-axis wire erosion paths with a minimum of user intervention. This is accomplished through the use of macros. Several modals can be preset and stored to reflect the needs of specific operations. Cut options include conic, cylindrical or a sharp mode. Display modals can be set so that ruled surface like connections are created to show how the wire will move. An additional option to generate coding for complete material removal is included. Post processors for most popular machines are also included.

GMSWorks NC is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use NC solution which was designed to operate in a complex environment. Our comprehensive suite of NC solutions makes us the software of choice for the professional user.

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