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DESIGNBASE is a 3-D modeling kernel product of Ricoh Corporation Software Research Center, San Jose, California and Ricoh Company Ltd, Tokyo, Japan. Ricoh designed this product specifically for CAD vendors, third-party software suppliers and end users wishing to build industry-specific custom applications. DESIGNBASE utilizes "Meta Modeling," a technique for automatically capturing design model history. Designs can be created quickly without pre-planning, datum plane construction, or setting up complex constraints. DESIGNBASE retains the design history of the 3D shape under construction by allowing for the capture, editing, and regeneration of parametric feature based construction steps.

Parametric Meta Modeling combined with best of class Local Operations for direct geometry manipulation and industry leading advanced free-form shape modeling techniques make DESIGNBASE the premier modeling kernel for the tool and die industries.

C-Solutions, Inc. uses Ricoh's embedded Hidden Line Manager since the 4.2 release of GMSWorks. The combination of GMSWorks and the Hidden Line Manager provides a reliable, fast and accurate method of computing the hidden line view on any 3D solid model. The algorithms in the Hidden Line Manager are designed to be robust when dealing with models containing a variety of interconnected parts that can include solid bodies as well as surface shells and wire geometry. This technology allows a 3-D model to be utilized as the foundation for engineering drawing production and interactive model visualization during the design process.

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